Applied Micrometeorology

Applied micrometeorology is the use of the principles and techniques of micrometeorology to solve practical problems in a variety of fields, such as agriculture, forestry, and environmental management. Applied micrometeorologists use their understanding of small-scale weather and climate processes to help develop strategies and technologies that can improve the efficiency and sustainability of these fields. Applied micrometeorology also involves working with policymakers and other stakeholders to help translate scientific findings into actionable plans and policies.

Using LoRaWAN to Monitor Water Levels in Vernal Pools

Vernal pools are unique bodies of water that are of great ecological importance, but are often difficult to monitor and study due to their remote locations. LoRaWAN technology, a low-power, wide-area network communication system, presents a valuable solution to this challenge. A vernal pool is a temporary body of water that typically forms in the […]

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