About Meteo Scientific

Meteo Scientific is a place I combine my love of technology, the wild, and adventure. I’m particularly interested in the weather, focusing on micrometeorology as it pertains to my hobby of paragliding.

My name is Nik Hawks, and one of my favorite things to do is to place high tech items out in the wild that help gather objective data about what’s going on when I’m not there.

My goal here is to make sure that anyone who wants to learn a little bit more about this lesser traveled intersection has a partner in exploration.

I mostly use a LoRaWAN called Helium to transmit the data gathered back to the internet, although I’ve also got cell and WiFi powered weather stations. One of my projects is building out a high density of weather information across a valley in San Diego that is home to one of the most reliable mountain flying sites in America.

My day job is consulting for blockchain projects; MetSci is a “fun time” thing with lots of overlap to my work.

If you’re interested in weather, the wild, and technology, stick around and learn with me!